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Scissors (coupon organizer)


Scissor is a new way to organize Coupons, Shopping List and Store Membership CardTrack All your Black Friday Deals at one place.
With Scissors Android app, You can:
★ Organize Coupons ☀ Add coupons/offers ☀ Set reminder for each coupon and App will notify before coupon expiry ☀ Tacking the coupon easily, all the coupons are organized under Active, Expiring, Used and Expired coupons ☀ Organize the coupon under 23 Categorizes and add new categories if required. ☀ Search for coupon specific store, category etc.., ☀ Capture coupons in phone camera and attach to App coupon. So you dont have to carry the coupon with you always. ☀ Scan the Coupon barcode and attach to App coupon ☀ Mark the coupon as Favorite and Used ☀ Easily Edit /Delete the coupons ☀ Configure coupon expiry reminder date and time.
★ Shopping List ☀ Create Shopping Group to organize the shopping list ☀ Add shopping item to shopping group ☀ Edit/Delete/Merge shopping Group ☀ Delete/Move shopping items ☀ Mark the shopping item once completed★ Membership Card ☀ Add Store Membership Card ☀ Edit/Delete/View the Card
★ Backup/Restore ☀ Backup Coupon/Shopping List/Membership Card to SD Card and Google Drive ☀ Restore Coupon/Shopping List/Membership Card from SD Card and Google Drive
Add Coupons to Scissor, Use before expiry and save money.
Feedback and Suggestion are most welcome.
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